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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 23- Vivien Kelly

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 23

Cute Kids in Cute Costumes!

Hi, everybody! Vivien’s back!

Today I decided to post cute kids in cute costumes! I’ve gathered some photos, which were submitted to me for this blog. These are all friends of The Kelly Society and people in our community who share a love for All Hallows Eve!

May I present: Fiona, as an adorable pink fairy, along with her younger sister Aurora—pink fairy in training. 😊 We love the pink socks as well, and the idea of sisters complimenting each other for their trick or treating adventure soon to be had!

Order up! Would you like fries with that? Hana will put your order in right away. This delightful 50’s waitress is bound to get lots of sweets when she trick or treats! We adore the baby blue hat perched on the side of her beautiful curly dark hair. The matching skirt and logo on the black top, makes her the most adorable server ever! But, let’s not forget the classic black and white sneakers to help her bound about and come back with your double chocolate shake. Happy Days!

Meow! Here comes Kathryn! No saucer of milk for this kitty cat! Oh, no! She is out for candy! What a cute kitty! We love the matching purse, the purple and black color combo, and the tights—especially with the purple slippers. No doubt, she will receive lots of treats on her beloved Halloween eve!

Wow! Cole is the Chief! Master Chief from the Halo Game Series, that is—for all you fans out there! His full name is: Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan John-117. He ranked up through the UNSC military grading until he reached the rank of master chief, where it stayed. Go out and get your candy, kids! That’s an order from Master Chief!

Aloha! Check out this sweet little Hawaiian pineapple! Vera Kaye is simply a vision in yellow and green. She takes us where the palm trees sway and the fish play! Lots of candy coming her way!

And to round this up, we have a photo from “Back in the day,” as they say. A trip to the 80’s brings us this cuter than ever picture of Anthony and his sister Marri. They were the most delightful little clowns you’ll ever see! I have no doubt they raked in the candy on that Halloween night! Ringling Brothers never looked so good!

That brings our costume fashion show to a close!

Thank you all for submitting your photos and taking part in our celebration of these 31 Days of Halloween. Have a happy one, and may all your candy be delicious!

Vivien Kelly


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