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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 21 - Front Porch Spookiness

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 21

Are you all up for another Halloween decorating post from Vivien and Donna? I hope so!

Because, here's what we believe: upon receiving trick or treaters (during a non-Covid Halloween night) your front porch leaves an impression. It could be funny. It could be frightening. It could be adorable. It’s up to you as the candy giver. You get to decide where your imagination takes you.

So, we are here to show you what others have done in the past for future inspiration! Donna, you start us off.

Thank you, Vivien. Okay, it’s Donna here to present all of you with some scary front porches!

And here they are!


Bbbrrrrgh! Frightening!

It’s Vivien again, and now we’re going to share some front porches that we can only describe as:


Great ideas! So cute!

We are here together to present out final category—Funny Front Porches!


Hysterical! People are so creative! We look forward to catching up on more outdoor decorations next year.

Have a magical Halloween!

Vivien & Donna

The Kelly Society

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