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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 20 - Tales of Trick or Treating Part II

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 20

Hey there, everyone!

My name is M.S. Spencer and I was asked to contribute my Halloween Trick or Treat story to this blog. I graciously accepted the task. Please read my story below.

An Odd Halloween Memory

M. S. Spencer

An American Holiday in France

When I was ten, we moved to France while my father worked for UNESCO. We found a house in a town called Palaiseau, on the train line to Paris. Back then (early 1960s) there were only two non-French families in the village and we were considered quite exotic. The other family was English, and we became friends. Our parents decided that we would trade holidays—together we’d celebrate both the 4th of July and Guy Fawkes Day. We gave them a Thanksgiving feast, and they provided a real English Christmas complete with plum pudding. It was a great way to share our special days and double the holiday fun.

Of course it fell to us to teach them about Halloween. I believe children in England go door to door on All Hallow’s Eve as well, but they don’t wear costumes or trick people. We went all out, but what really made the villagers decide we were nuts was when my mother went to market and asked for a big, whole pumpkin. The man tried to talk her out of it—“you only need a slice to make pie, silly American.” But she insisted. He asked what she was planning to do with it. “We’ll clean it out, then carve a scary face and light a candle in it.” Dead silence. That evening, the whole town turned out to see the weird people with the Jack O’Lantern.

Since it deals with monsters, Orion’s Foot would be a great Halloween read!

Searching for a legendary monster deep in the Amazon, scientists confront murder, living fossils, fanatics, and romance.

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Happy Halloween Season!

M.S. Spencer for

The Kelly Society

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