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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 12 - Brendan

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 12

I’m Brendan—part of a clan of Celtic warriors that are at Vivien Kelly’s beck and call whenever she rails. I’m just ripping on her now, and I can’t wait till Vivien reads this! LOL! What I just typed in above is the truth actually. I am part of her clan of warriors. We help her kick evil’s ass!

So, when Vivien intuitively picked up that I’m also a poet, she asked me to contribute a poem for Samhain/Halloween on this blog. Sure’ n I wanted to pass, but she told me if I did, she’d challenge me to a four-hour long combat session. Since my wife Maggie isn’t fond of my face with two black eyes, I opted for the poem.

Here it is:

Only one eve each calendar year brings orange light and wicked fright

On Samhain we embrace the magic - the passion of our childhood delight

Enchanted costumes glow against crimson bonfires that powerful night

So, take the hand of your adorned friend, and frolic until the very end!

I wish everyone a wickedly joyful Samhain!


for TKS

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