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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 11 - John Patrick

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 11

My name is John Patrick, a member of The Kelly Society, and I run all “Those machines,” as Vivien would put it. I’m a retired Celtic Mythology professor and I’ve participated in over 75 paranormal investigations. I take charge of the EMF Meters, Thermometers, night vision cameras, and audio recorders.

Vivien asked me to convey one of my investigative experiences, and not one with TKS. Hmmm…

I guess I’ll go with the Cliff Haunting. The psychic I worked with ten years ago, a guy named Mel, got a frantic call from a mother of two teenage girls. They were 14-year-old twins and their home sat upon the bluffs near a landmark restaurant called The Moss Beach Distillery. Sadie fell down part of the cliff in the middle of the night and didn’t know how she got there. Luckily, the rains from the previous winter changed the incline of the hill, creating a ledge that broke her fall. She sustained bruises all over her body, but there were no broken bones. The length of the cliff is about three hundred feet and can do damage. The evening after Sadie had her accident, Sally, her twin, also found herself at the edge of the cliff at around 3:00 am, but she awakened just before falling over.

Needless to say, their mother Jane was beside herself. Her husband worked for an insurance company, and he conducted investigations after a fire or crisis of some type. After he investigated a strange fire in a home across town, Jane said knocking began on the walls. Also, the doors started opening and shutting on their own. A few days later, the girls began walking out to the cliffs in the wee hours of the morning. Mel believed their father accidently brought an entity back with him from the burned-out structure.

We set up our equipment after getting the family out of the house, and very quickly my EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) meter went crazy. Mel flew back against the wall. He did not panic however, because he’d seen worse. A true paranormal veteran! Mel began talking to someone we couldn’t see in a very peaceful manner. Me and my crew knew to step back and let him do his stuff. About ten minutes later, a ghastly wind blew past us and out the window. Then, and this I’ll never forget, a brilliant light grew through the window pane and illuminated the entire room. All went dark again.

Mel explained to us that an angry ghost had been left behind in the charred home and attached itself to Jane’s husband. Once the entity experienced his happy family, its anger grew to the point the daughters were in danger of losing their lives.

We called the family. They came back within the hour and we all ordered pizza! All I can say is thank goodness for paranormal interventions and investigations!

Have a fun, safe, and wonderful Halloween Season!



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