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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 16 - Scared to Death

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 16

Hello Halloweenies!

It’s Roger, and I'm here to tell you about Scared to Death Podcast! My wife Donna and I love Wednesday mornings, because that’s when a new episode of Scared to Death drops and I receive my Utube notification.

Dan and Lynze Cummins are not just any couple. They are a fabulous storytelling team, who give us chills, but also crack us up when we start biting our nails. They welcome the audience with the greeting: “Hello creeps and peepers.” Translated, creeps are those who love to be frightened and seek out that rush of emotion, and peepers are those who like to be frightened, but also pop their heads back under the covers and only “Peep” out.

Dan tells scary tales of lore, or stories he’s found on the internet, and Lynze shares podcast listener stories submitted to them. Neither Dan nor Lynze know what is going to come out of the other’s mouth. We as the viewers on Utube or listeners on the podcast get to enjoy the spontaneity of their gut reactions. My favorite an acronym Lynze adds is, GTFO, which means Get The Fuck Out! When people stay too long in a haunted house, or make stupid decisions in terrifying circumstances, that is her chant.

Another story featured a man named Darrin, who made back to back horrible decisions about using the Ouija board which caused harm to some family members. From that point on, whenever someone in their orations does something dumb, they say “Don’t be a Darrin!”

Donna and I emailed Dan and Lynze a question and they sent us their responses. Here is our question and their answers:

Roger & Donna:

Each day when you get up in the morning, what is it about the mystical, ghostly, and unexplained realm that keeps you riveted?


The thing about the unexplained, about the possibility of there being something else, is just that- Is there something else? I find myself continually asking that question. What happens when we die, where do we go, do we come back, do we have control over how we come back, what is the purpose of coming back? Is there another dimension beyond ours and if so, how do you get there. The continual search for answers to my curiosities keeps me deeply entrenched in the mystical and possibly mythical world, day in and day out.


A sense of mystery. The thought that, unless thousands and thousands of people across every culture on earth going back for several millennia have all just been lying, letting their imaginations trick them, and/or misattributing mental illness to belonging to the realm of the paranormal, there are forces in this world science doesn’t yet, and maybe will never, understand. I love to think about how if one ghost, demon, shadow person, or other ephemeral entity is real, then the possibilities of other currently unclassified entities, places, energies, etc also being real is endless. And that is tremendously exciting.

Scared to Death podcast just had their one year anniversary show on September, 16th.

Happy Anniversary!

Here is their Utube channel to see this episode and all others available.

Also, Bad Magic Productions just added a Patreon account. Here is the information:

Want to be a Patron? Get episodes AD-FREE, listen and watch before they are released to anyone else, bonus episodes, a 20% merch discount, additional content, and more! Learn more by visiting:

Another channel on Bad Magic Productions is Timesuck.

The description is as follows:

Timesuck with Dan Cummins is a historical podcast for the curious. Want to learn, laugh, and be entertained? You've come to the right place!

It’s true! We have listened to several Timesuck episodes and they are thrilling, intense, educational, and funny. Dan finds a way to weave his comedy into dark or momentous subjects with the ease of a seasoned magician. It gives us an outlet when history gets extreme.

Thanks Lynze and Dan for the chills, and the laughs!

Happy Halloween Season!

Come visit our store Luna Books in

Beautiful downtown Half Moon Bay!

Roger & Donna Lauden for

The Kelly Society

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