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25 Days of Christmas with The Kelly Society Day 4 Create Your Own Christmas Stocking

How can I keep Krampus away

from my Holiday?

Make Your Own Christmas Stocking!

Let's celebrate the Christmas Season! I am your host Vivien Kelly founder of The Kelly Society paranormal cleansing team in Half Moon Bay, CA. After saving my teenage friend Josh from Krampus the Christmas demon last December, my partner Neal and I decided to start a 25 Days of Christmas blog. Especially for this time of year, we are presenting fun, uplifting, inspiring, sparkling, and sentimental Christmas offerings each day in December through the 25th - Christmas Day!

By the way, Krampus, that pesky Christmas demon who punishes bad children, tosses them into his black bag, and drags them to Hades has been banished from planet Earth by none other than his mother Hel, goddess of the underworld! I helped make that happen and in the end, we at The Kelly Society are ecstatic to have the only supernatural being visiting our planet in December to be Santa Claus!

On to our suggestion for Day 4 - Do It Yourself Christmas Stockings!

These photos came from the link below. Check it out.

Merry Christmas and enjoy your personalized stockings!

Vivien & Neal

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