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Holidays After Dark Podcast 31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 13

5th Anniversary

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 13

Holidays After Dark is a year round podcast which explores the strange, unusual, and dark sides of the holidays while also paying tribute to the lighthearted festivities we all know and love!


Creator and Host

Kristin Seering

The Holidays After Dark Podcast is hosted by Kristin Seering, a self-proclaimed holiday enthusiast and lover of all things gothic and strange. Kristin combines her love for holidays and her affinity for darkness into a unique behind-the-scenes look at the mainstream holidays we all know and love.

Greetings Holiday Lovers,

Vivien Kelly here, the co-founder of The Kelly Society paranormal cleansing team. We are available for all your paranormal elimination needs!

I've been listening to a compelling, fun, and spooky podcast called Holidays After Dark, hosted by Kristin Seering. She has created an engaging look at holidays colored by folklore, true crime, and paranormal elements.

Episodes on Holidays After Dark:

Kristin Seering is also an award winning podcaster!

Kristin attended Christmas Con last June and got photos with the hosts of Deck the Hallmark podcast! She's a fan of their show. Kristin said (on her podcast) the hosts knew who she was before she even introduced herself, and are fans of her show as well! What a wonderful meeting that was!

Kristin with Deck the Hallmark Podcast Hosts

at Christmas Con and Hallmark Movie Stars!

Here are Holidays After Dark links to enjoy all the current and past episodes:

Also, you can email a holiday story to the show:

Email your holiday stories to

Well, I'm off to bake more Halloween cookies for my friend's bookstore Luna Books. Since Donna is so busy this time of year, I'm helping her out with a batch of pumpkin cookies.

A Happy Halloween to all!

Vivien Kelly

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