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Happy Valentine's Day from The Kelly Society!

From Vivien Kelly and all the paranormal cleansers at The Kelly Society:

Happy V Day!

For all those who missed A Valentine's Adventure with Neal and Vivien, here it is - enjoy!

A Valentine’s Adventure with Neal & Vivien!

On a gorgeous sunny day Vivien awoke from a dream. She’d seen the new Hamlet film the previous night, starring Christian Bale this time, and could have sworn she spoke to Ophelia in a vast forest just before waking up. “Wow, that was weird,” uttered Vivien as she stretched her arms. Sitting upon a navy blue blanket, Vivien decided to hang back and relax while Neal went to the store. He’d forgotten the spreadable cheese in their picnic basket. Observing from a high bluff overlooking the crystal blue sea, her favorite bluff in Half Moon Bay mind you, she raised her head to the sky. “Hello.” A gasp escaped her lips. There was Ophelia just as she imagined her in the dream fully dressed in a white muslin gown with long pink ribbons seeming to float upon the Pacific Ocean breeze. “Who’s your friend?” Neal asked, after slamming the car door shut and walking over holding a small plastic bag. “Um…um.” Ignoring Vivien’s stammer, Ophelia, with her cascading flaxen hair and brilliant eyes presented her hand. “I am Ophelia.” Taking her hand in his, Neal kissed her knuckles. Vivien knew he had to, or it would have been a dishonor to her. She decided to tell the truth all at once. “Yes, Neal. This is Ophelia from my dream just now. Remember we saw Hamlet last night?” “Yes?” Neal’s eyes got big and round. “Well, Ophelia was able to manifest herself and I believe has a question for me.” Vivien’s psychic power tingled inside. Ophelia turned to Vivien. Her smile was so sweet and compelling, Vivien thought she might cry. “Lady Vivien, my question is this: Would you be so kind as to trade places with me for one year? The reason is due to your pulling me into this lovely world. No problems. No guilt. I should like to stay for a while, but I cannot unless someone takes my place.” Vivien felt torn in two. This poor woman. So sweet. So vulnerable. She could never approve of such a trade, besides the fact that Neal would go ballistic, but because she could not interfere in art or history. What if she did switch, what would that do? Would all of Shakespeare’s Hamlet scripts be changed all over the world? Would a brunette woman with the power of second sight be the new Ophelia? Would she kill Hamlet before he could kill her father? Also, because Ophelia came to her before the character’s fatal dip in the forest creek, she could not tell her. If Ophelia lived. What a concept. It was intriguing, and perhaps Vivien could instead add Ophelia into modern life. Sensing her thought patterns, Neal placed his arm around Vivien’s waist and gently pulled her closer to him. No, it would never work out. She could not and would not obstruct the work of such a cherished author as William. Vivien stated it plainly. “I’m sorry. I cannot. The rules of life prevent me.” Ophelia’s smile diminished and her head bowed. A slow nod came next. She knew, but she had to ask. “Goodbye, Ophelia.” Vivien whispered. Ophelia raised her head and smiled; albeit a bit wispy. Then, Vivien closed her eyes and willed her psychic manifestation back into the pages of Shakespeare. Ophelia dissolved on the winds of a magical afternoon. Neal turned Vivien around in his arms. “You know, I used to lead a boring life. Then, I met you.”

Happy Paranormal Valentine's To All!

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Marri Nijem
Marri Nijem

Love it! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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