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Freaky Friday: Tower of London Twilight Tours

Welcome to Freaky Friday!

Today we go across the pond to London

and the very haunted Tower of London!

A Spine-Tingling Tour of the Tower of London

For those with a robust constitution though, there’s an opportunity to see the Tower of London as you’ve never seen it before. Through the winter months until April, on selected Sundays, you can visit the Tower at Night, guided by the Yeoman Warders around the battlements, through the courtyards, to Traitor’s Gate and the Bloody Tower.

The Tower is famously haunted by several ghosts from centuries past, from Anne Boleyn Queen of England, to a roaring specter grizzly bear! Yes, the nobles kept animals on the grounds and some have come back to haunt.

Next time you're in London, check it out!

But until then, may all your paranormal encounters be magical

S.K. Andrews

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