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Freaky Friday: Shadow People

Shadow People


Barbara Crane (American, 1928-2019)

Norton Simon Museum

Many witnesses have seen shadow people in homes, businesses, and even parks. As an author, I jumped on this phenomenon for a chilling scene and here it is:

BAY OF DARKNESS (The Kelly Society Book 1)

Her laughter ended when unadulterated fear erupted in goose bumps all over her arms.

Philip stopped in the doorway. “Are you coming in?”

“I’ll be right there.” She opened her purse.

“Okay.” He walked inside, leaving the door open.

The clasp snapped as Vivien closed her evening bag, the sound resonating in her ears. As if she had no will of her own, her head slowly turned to gaze past her shoulder. Her eyes settled on something unbelievable.

A dark crawling mist in the shape of a man hovered in the hallway. It seemed to be staring at her. After a chilling moment, the thing propelled itself through the wall.

All breathing stopped. Had she lost her mind? She would blame fatigue for the hallucination, but she felt fit and well.

Oh my God! It’s in the apartment with Philip!

Pages 4-5

Be well, and may all your paranormal experiences be magical

S.K. Andrews

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