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Freaky Friday: Séance Scares

Welcome to today's Freaky Friday!

Have any of you taken part in a séance? Have you experimented as a teenager? Well, I did at thirteen and my friends and I accidentally summoned a scary entity! I'll share with a sample from my book Bay of Darkness, because of course, I included my true experience in my manuscript:

Vivien chuckled with abandon. “Actually, I’m gonna come clean. I had a paranormal mishap at thirteen. My friends and I started to do a séance, when one of the girls shouted out for something to make a terrible noise. The door started breathing.”

“What the hell?” They guffawed over hot mugs of coffee as she explained how they finally opened the door and ran out into the street, while her friend’s mother yelled after them for being idiotic girls. Vivien knew Jason would not try a stunt like that again, but she also wanted him to know he wasn’t alone.

Pages 159-160

Incidentally, CNN Style online just published a compelling article about seances and mediums:

So . . . anyone else have a story to tell?

Stay well and may your paranormal experiences be magical!

S.K. Andrews

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