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Creativity Cue of The Week - Dressing The Part

Hello All! Today I was happy to be a guest author on Gabby Allan's podcast a.k.a Misty Simon, which also records on Zoom and will be posted on Out on a Limb with Gabby Allan.

Since my book series promotion hooks into my upcoming 31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society blog posting promo, I wore all things Halloween! My All Hallows Eve scarf, black velvet dress, and witchy necklace adorned my person the entire interview. Gabby really appreciated it, and it was so much fun! The conversation even came around to manifesting our dreams and supporting other artists in a similar fashion.

My Podcast/Utube episode will be coming soon and I shall send out the link at that time.

Thanks again, Gabby!

Starra a.k.a SK Andrews

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