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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 6 - Bewitched!

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 6

Greetings fellow Bewitched lovers!

Vivien and Donna are with you today, and for those just joining us, Vivien Kelly is the founder of The Kelly Society (paranormal cleansers at your service) and Donna Lauden is co-owner of Luna Books (to satisfy all your supernatural reading needs).

Description we borrowed from

Bewitched captivated viewers from 1964 to 1972. The ABC sitcom was a leader in the then-new supernatural scene and has maintained a devoted fandom ever since. The show opens on a climactic note as Samantha Stephens still needs to tell her new husband about her powers. Throughout the series, she is constantly juggling her husband's wishes for normalcy with her own need (and her mother Endora's need) to use magic.

From 1964 – 1966 Bewitched graced the television screens in black and white, and then “Magically” the show aired in color until 1972. What we love about this show is enchantment and all the shenanigans the characters find themselves in.

Some of the funniest actors on the planet graced the cast of Bewitched in the supporting cast. That coupled with the vibrant talent of Elizabeth Montgomery (Samantha) and the contrasting push for normalcy what Dick York/Dick Sargent (Darrin) maintains, makes for a lot of fun action!

A lot can happen when you put a family of witches in a house with one mortal. Here is just a taste of the mischiefs from Bewitched.

And just some of the supporting characters include Aunt Clara, Uncle Arthur, and of course, Endorah, Samantha’s mother who is a very powerful witch and can’t stand her husband Darrin!

Also, who can forget our favorite Witch Doctor Dr. Bombay! We all remember Samantha's cry to him whenever her powers failed her:

"Dr. Bombay! Dr. Bombay! Emergency, come right away!"

Some of the funniest episodes occurred when Samantha’s cousin Serena would appear (also played by Elizabeth Montgomery). Serena was the consummate party girl and quickly got Samantha in hot water every time!

So, to wrap up our celebration of Bewitched here's our favorite take aways from the show:

  • Never knowing exactly what will happen

  • Samantha's nose twitching which creates magic

  • Shenanigans left and right

  • Those crazy witches

  • Funny situations

and finally - romance, love, and the enduring faith in Samantha and Darrin's marriage

For those who love Salem, Massachusetts at Halloween and this show, please visit the Bewitched statue, which stands in downtown Salem.

Have a fabulous, magical, and exciting All Hallows Eve, and don't forget to twitch your nose - maybe something supernatural will happen!

Vivien and Donna

The Kelly Society

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