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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 26 - Spooky Elegant Dinner Parties

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 26

Hello Halloweenies!

Stephanie here, again! I'm the manager of A Chef’s Delight on Main Street. Cookware at its finest! Come and visit us sometime.

One day Vivien and Donna came into my shop and couldn’t take their eyes off a display I set up on a round table in the back. I told them it was my “Elegant and spooky Halloween dinner party” arrangement. Well, that was it! Vivien asked me to share my favorite All Hallows Eve dinner party set ups on her blog.

Here we go!

Chilling White Elegance

Black and White Spooky Glam

A Splash of Pumpkin Orange

Fiendish Food

Devilish Desserts

Crazy Cocktails

Enchanting and Eerie Table Designs

On that note!

Have a spook-filled Happy Halloween!

Stephanie for

The Kelly Society

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1 Comment

Marri Nijem
Marri Nijem
Oct 26, 2020

Love the Black and White Spooky Glam!! So fun and beautiful! Also, the meringue ghost cupcakes look yummy and remind me of my Auntie Meme's Halloween cupcakes!! The kids would love those~:)

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