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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 16 - New England Hauntings

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 16

Greetings to all. I am Roger, co-owner of Luna Books in Half Moon Bay. Come on in for a book or spiritual reading anytime!

In case you don't know, I'm originally from New England and I have always loved the area's history, especially haunted history. So, I've collected some examples to share with our readers in celebration of this Halloween season.

According to, three hotels below are just some of many haunted New England establishments:

The Green Mountain Inn

Stowe, Vermont

If you feel a peculiar chill near room 302 of the Green Mountain Inn, stop and listen closely. You may also hear the singing or staccato clicks of a tap dancer.

Boots Berry was born in room 302 in 1840, and many believe his spirit remains there. The son of one of the Inn's chambermaids, Boots grew up and took over his father's job caring for the horses that drew the Inn's stage coaches. One summer morning, Berry stopped a runaway coach, saving its passengers. He received a medal for his dramatic heroism, and a local legend grew around his act. But then Berry started to drink heavily. He lost his job at the Inn and eventually drifted to New Orleans. He landed in jail, where he learned to tap dance and earned the nickname "Boots."

After his release, he returned to Stowe, where he committed a second heroic act. A young girl became trapped on the roof of the Green Mountain Inn during a violent snow storm. Berry ran to the roof over Room 302 through a secret route he'd learned as a child, and saved the little girl. But Berry wasn't so lucky — he ended up falling from the roof over the room where he was born.

Berry's spirit remains at the inn he called home a century ago and he sometimes can be heard tap dancing on the roof or entering his former Room 302.

Hawthorne Hotel

Salem, Massachusetts

Situated in the center of the mystical goings-on of Salem, it is unsurprising that the Hawthorne Inn boasts a few unexplained occurrences.

Several guests of Suite 612 have reported to Inn staff that they felt a restless presence pacing all over the room during the night. Two guests also reported seeing a spectral woman gazing longingly at the door to Room 612.

In February 2000, a guest booked into Room 325 approached staff members to complain he was not told he would have to share the bathroom of his two-room suite with another guest. The distressed guest explained he had heard the sink running, the toilet flush, and the television on in the other room. He would not believe no one could have accessed his bathroom until hotel staff led him upstairs to show him there was only one door into his suite.

The man remarked that he had no problem sharing his room with a ghost, he just didn’t want to share it with another guest.

The Hawthorne Hotel was recently featured on the TV series Ghost Hunters, and when the show's paranormal team examined the hotel, they could not find any evidence for — or against — ghosts.

Berry Manor Inn

Rockland, Maine

Paranormal experts didn't make it all the way up the front walk of the Berry Manor Inn before they spotted some friendly spirits peering through the Inn's big picture windows. The experts described three older ladies outfitted for high tea in the 1900s. Inn owner Cheryl Michaelsen reportedly said that most guests don't see defined ghosts, rather they just sense a benevolent presence. The spirits frequent the rooms in the inn that guests also gravitate toward, including the library, drawing room, and front porch.

All right, I think it's time for Donna and me to take another trip back East and check out these hotels. We love paranormal investigating. Of course, we are amateurs. We leave the tough investigating to The Kelly Society, but we also dabble.

Enjoy this All Hallows Eve and be well!


The Kelly Society

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Judith Sterling
Judith Sterling
Oct 16, 2021

Cool post, Starra! New England definitely has its share of hauntings!

S.K. Andrews
S.K. Andrews
Oct 16, 2021
Replying to

So true! 🎃

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