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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 1 - Vivien Kelly

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Halloween Season! It’s my favorite season of the year!

My name is Vivien Kelly and we here at The Kelly Society have come up with a new idea for this October. Each day in this month one of our team members, or someone close to our group will contribute to our website blog with a post of their own. It will be something in connection with Halloween or the Fall Season. So, let me kick it off!

Last year Neal and I took his niece Julie to the annual Art & Pumpkin Festival here in Half Moon Bay, CA. It was magical! I wore my black and silver cat ears, but many people and whole families arrived in costume. One of the cutest things I saw was a five-year-old boy dressed in a cow costume being hauled around in a bona fide Red Ryder wagon with bits of straw underneath. Then we stood in line to have our photo taken with the winner of the giant pumpkin contest. The local farmer was very proud I’m told, as his pumpkin weighed over 1,000 pounds! Next, we walked through a small haunted house holding Julie’s hands the whole way. She’s not a scared-y cat (her words). In fact, she laughed the entire time. Especially when one of the pirate zombies got caught in the black curtain after popping out to frighten us and fell down with a thud. Some ghosts helped him up, as they all tried not to laugh too hard. After discovering the cast member was not injured, we went into hysterical guffaws, which lasted until we made it out the exit.

We stopped to have lunch at the food booths and relished some warm pumpkin soup, with fresh pumpkin bread, a candied apple covered in an orange pumpkin glaze, some pumpkin microbrew, and a corn dog! Finishing off our afternoon repast, we inhaled two huge scoops of organic pumpkin ice cream. Neal would not let us leave the booths until he bought a pumpkin pie to take home. Julie and I wanted to look at the vendor spreads first, but he was afraid they would sell out. So, us ladies looked at each other, then back at Neal, sighed, and said, “All right, but hurry up!” We laughed at his relieved face, as he ran back to buy his treasured pie. It was a good thing too, because they did sell out. He was right!

Then, it was my turn to get something cherished. I picked out three different sizes of glass blown pumpkins to add to my collection. Lastly, Neal and I bought the commemorative champagne glass with the festival name and year proclaimed on the front. I remember thinking: Now I can go home and feel satisfied that I’ve really experienced the festival!

Here is the information for the 2019 Art & Pumpkin Festival event, for anyone who’s interested to attend. Just remember to get there early, because the parking lots fill up fast!

Half Moon Bay, CA

Saturday, October 19, 2019, 9:00am-5:00pm

Sunday, October 20, 2019, 9:00am-5:00pm

Happy Halloween Season!

Vivien Kelly


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1 Comment

Marri Nijem
Marri Nijem
Oct 02, 2019

How fun!! I hope to make it to this years festival and get some of that pumpkin pie!!!

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